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Blue and White Vintage Ndop Cloth Sachet - Heart

Blue and White Vintage Ndop Cloth Sachet - Heart

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Show them that you care with one of our Ndop cloth lavender sachets. This beautiful gift with its pleasing fragrance will always remind them of you.

These lovely sachets are made from vintage handwoven Ndop cotton cloth from Africa and vintage German mangle cloth linen. They're perfect, personal gifts for treasured friends and family members. Enjoy the French fragrance in every room, wherever you want to place them. They will always bring a smile to your heart.

They are filled to the brim with fragrant, high quality French lavender from Provence. Our lavender is pure, of the highest quality and does not have dusty by-products like craft grade lavender has. These sachets are so fragrant, the lavender smell induces calm and makes every room in your home invoke the aromas of summertime in the south of France. Because of the high quality, the lavender fragrance will last for years. Simply squeeze your sachet occasionally to release the lavender scent.

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  • Front – vintage handwoven Ndop cloth from Africa
  • Back – vintage German mangle cloth linen
  • Tie – hemp twine with wooden beads
  • Fragrance – high quality lavender from Provence France



5" wide x 5" high

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About the Fabrics

Vintage Ndop (pronounced “dop”) cloth came from the Bamileke people of the grasslands in Cameroon. These textiles are exceedingly rare and were mainly used for ritual clothing and ceremonial occasions. Geometric symbols such as circles, lines and diamonds reflect tribal life and beliefs.

The process of creating this cloth was difficult and laborious. After weaving, the cloth was dyed using a traditional “resist” dying method. To prevent the indigo dye to reach all the cloth, women artisans would stitch design patterns onto the cloths with raffia fiber. When the dying process was finished, all the stitching would be unpicked to reveal the stunning tribal design. There may be a little brownish discoloration remaining from the raffia. This just tells of the many hours women spent creating these beautiful textiles.

Mangle cloths, used for the backs of the sachets, are linen fabrics that were installed in the old roller ironing presses (mangles) to protect textiles and clothing from the heat. These wonderful 60 to 100-year-old linens come from Germany and France and measure about 3 meters (nearly 10 feet) long and 90 centimeters (about 35 inches) wide.

When I first started working with these types of fabrics, I hoped to convey to my family a sense of history and different cultural traditions. I also wanted my home to connect with nature by using natural materials, instead of manmade fibers. I can hardly tell you how much we have enjoyed the wonderful items made from these beautiful fabrics!

Care Instructions


To refresh the scent, simply squeeze the sachet to release the fragrant lavender scent.

Responsibly Made

Ludwiga's Linen products, including decorative pillows, home accents and lavender sachets are handmade in Morgan Hill, California.

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