Featuring Fragrant Lavender Sachets

Delight her senses with a lovely fragrant lavender sachet filled with lavender from Provence France.
A perfect gift for any of your loved ones, personalized in an attractive gift box.

Handmade Vintage Garlands

Accent your home décor by displaying this lovely garland on an armoire, a cabinet, a wall
or anywhere you like to add French vintage charm to your home.

Unique Fabric Pillows

My love for antique and vintage fabrics can be traced back to my childhood years in postwar Germany. Old, hand-woven linens were still part of our everyday lives: beautiful, durable and pure linen that stood in stark contrast to our torn and fragmented society. I think that this still holds true for me: that in a society that is fast paced and ever changing there are some things of enduring quality and value, and to me my linen is a beautiful and tactile reminder of that.

Introducing Lütje Personal Care

Our personal care products feature handcrafted collections of essential oil blends, lotions, balms and room sprays available in attractive personalized gift boxes. The lotions are ultra-moisturizing and nourishing and are packed with natural ingredients and vitamins - a sheer luxury for your skin. Lütje (pronounced “loot-je”) was an affectionate nickname given to me by friends and family during my childhood. It means delightful little thing”.