Giving Back

We are very pleased to make you aware of a Giving Back program set up on our website. We will contribute 5% of our website sales to the Morgan Autism Center, a wonderful educational organization where our 42 year old autistic son has been a client for the past 39 years. The Morgan Autism Center has been of immense value and importance not only to our son but also to the many other clients and their families who have benefited from the programs at this exceptional organization.

A little more than two years after our second son Jeff was born, we learned that he suffered from a severe developmental disability called autism. When he was tested at the Stanford Children's Hospital at that time nearly forty years ago, the medical professionals determined that he knew literally nothing at all. He couldn't identify simple things, such as an apple or a chair. We knew that he was slow in his development. He wasn't talking, and it was difficult for him to focus and do things, but we were devastated to learn the severity of his disability.

Our son JeffAfter we found out about Jeff's condition, we looked into what resources in the community were available to help him. There is much more knowledge about autism today in the medical and social services communities than there was forty years ago when we we trying to figure out what to do. The most important and best resource we discovered was the Morgan Autism Center (MAC) located near where we lived in Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more than four decades, MAC has had a remarkable influence on people suffering from autism, helping them and their families deal with their disabilities through early childhood into their adult years. Our son Jeff began attending the Morgan Center when he was three years old, and when he grew into adulthood he entered the Adult Program at MAC. Now he is forty-two years old, and we cannot imagine a better place for him to be spending his weekdays.

Jeff with Garland at ChristmasMAC is a happy place. The administrative and teaching staff are incredibly well-trained and professional, and their teaching techniques are proven and highly effective. They treat their clients with kindness and respect, and they bring a lot of energy and fun to the program every day. Not only is there plenty of teaching, but there are walks, visits to the mall, lunch outings, holiday celebrations and visits to local parks. One of our favorite events is the annual talent show where all of the clients are able to get on stage and shine in an enthusiastic environment with lots of music, singing and fun-loving skits.

Jeff has learned so much at the Morgan Autism Center. He still requires 24/7 care, but he knows far more than we ever could imagine he would know. He can talk in simple language, and we can understand him, even though his grammar sometimes gets in the way. The staff at MAC have worked hard over the years to socialize him and expand his learning capacity, and we are very grateful for the time and energy they have devoted to helping our son.

We have decided to give back to the wonderful community at the Morgan Autism Center by contributing 5% of our website sales to their exceptional program. We consider it a privilege to do something in return for all that the Morgan Center has done for Jeff and our family. We hope that you will enjoy knowing that for each purchase that you make on our website, you will also be giving back to this outstanding community that provides such valuable service to their clients. To learn more about the Morgan Autism Center, please visit their website at

If you have any questions about the Morgan Autism Center, you may reach out to them directly, email us at or call us at 800-325-1001.

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