Using Your Antique Linen

Part of the excitement of working with old linen comes from thinking of ways in which we can integrate it into our modern lives. This list and the pictures below are by no means exhaustive - they are just a few suggestions to give expression to your own creative ideas.  I hope you will enjoy working with this linen as much as I do!

Decorative Displays
The linen makes great backdrops for seasonal presentations in your home. My friend made this beautiful Créche exhibit using the linen as the base for her display.

In Displays

Pillows and Furniture
A great way to use the linen is to upholster small chairs or stools, to breath fresh life into otherwise tired and worn furnishings and accent them with your own handmade pillows.

Samplers are a way to express our personal histories. The beauty of this linen underscores the messages we try to convey by providing a tactile link with the past.

Curtains and Blinds
The linen makes stunning Roman blinds! The mangle cloths can also be used to make pillows, curtains, shower curtains (use with a plastic liner) and tablecloths as well as for patchwork. I have made them into curtains in my living, dining and guest rooms, and they look spectacular.

Books and Boxes
The French call this craft, to enhance boxes, journals and small trunks by covering them with lovely fabric, Cartonage. Beautifying everyday objects brings us renewed pleasure every time we use them and makes our tasks more enjoyable.

Gifts and Projects
Use the linen to create sachets, pincushions, small pillows, other objects or special gifts for close friends and family. Finer linen is perfect to cover picture mats. The more evenly woven linen provides a beautiful background for cross-stitch projects. Some of my customers have created lovely linen bags, embroidered with their monograms, for true French country chic.