Our spa collection includes beautiful heat wraps and eye pillows made from antique linen. A selection of French soaps in attractive colors and fragrances along with vintage wellness towels will soon be added to our spa collection.

Heat Wraps and Eye Pillows

Give your tired muscles the rest and relaxation they deserve with one of these wonderful heat wraps made from antique linen! Rejuvenate your eyes with a beautifully made eye pillow, the epitome of pampering that blocks out light and spreads a soothing gentle weight over your eyes! They make such thoughtful presents, and I love to give an eye pillow or heat wrap to house guests to use and take home as a memory of their time with us.

Choose from embroidered designs including an Eiffel Tower, Fleur de Lys, crown, dragonfly or bird. When heated in the microwave, these eco-friendly products retain heat for an exceptionally long time. The eye pillows contain a mixture of flax seed with a touch of lavender, and the heat wraps are filled with a mixture of rice also with a touch of lavender. To wash the linen, simply remove the insert.