Care of the Linen


Our handbags are easy to clean by simply spot cleaning the linen where needed with mild soap and water. After letting the handbag air dry, it may ironed on the high heat (linen) steam setting. To keep the inner lining from getting wet, it's easy to move it out of the way when the outside linen is being spot cleaned. Because it is only fastened near the top of the bag, not at the bottom, the inner lining may be easily pulled out of the way when the outer bag is being spot cleaned. To clean the inner linen lining, you would follow the same process: pull out the inner lining, spot clean, air dry and steam iron. Don't forget that the handbags are made from a wonderfully tough grain sack linen. They not only feel good to the touch, but they also are durable, hold up very well and are designed to be used as much as you like.

Yardage, Grain Sacks, Runners and Pillows

This linen is so easy to take care of! Even after many washes, the texture of the linen only improves and gets softer with use. I wash most of the linen just after it arrives. Only a few of the plain fabrics are left unwashed in order to preserve their unique texture. For cleaning, just toss it into the washer with the temperature on either warm or hot and voila – your linen will be as beautiful or even more so then before. I use regular detergent and add a little Oxy Clean. If you wish to soften the linen, just soak it with some Epson Salt diluted in water for three days and then wash on regular cycle.Though I have tumble-dried many pieces and they came out beautiful and soft, I recommend that you air-dry the linen. Depending on the particular linen, tumble-drying may cause wrinkles in the fabric that can be difficult to iron out. After washing, I smooth the fabric with my hands before letting it dry. If desired, just steam-iron the linen on the backside. Pillows can be washed and dried in the same fashion.

Mangle Cloths

Many of my mangle cloths come with their original waxy, protective finish. Some of my customers like this, because it allows them to wipe off spills easily. Washing will eliminate the waxy finish. If your mangle cloth has never been washed, it may shrink in length and width by a few centimeters with the first washing. Mangle cloths can be machine washed in warm water and tumble-dried. Remove while still damp, and steam-iron. They turn out beautifully!