Apparel & Accessories

For your personal items, we are excited offer zippered pouches, tissue holders and journals with other items to come, including ponchos and scarves, all made from stunning vintage fabrics.


Our pouchettes are made from beautiful antique/vintage French fabrics. Almost all of these fabrics come to me directly from France. The lining is fashioned from vintage German mangle cloths. The pouchettes are wonderful for a variety of purposes - perfect for storing jewelry, hosiery and other small items. They are lightweight, compact, great for traveling and hand washable.

Tissue Holders

I’ve always loved the founding principles of the Arts and Crafts movements, that everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. These charming tissue holders truly are. They are made from antique/vintage French fabrics and handwoven German linen and are lined with muslin. For your convenience, they easily hold a half a pack of tissues and are hand washable.


Covered with antique, hand woven linen, these journals make writing your personal history a joy and make lovely gifts for friends and family.