Antique Linen Christmas Stocking - perfect for holding lots of Christmas surprises

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*** This stocking would be a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor. ***

Perfect for holding many Christmas surprises:

  • Generously sized at about 19" high by 10" wide at the toe
  • Sturdy grain sack loop for secure hanging with hand sewn patch
  • Back of stocking made from mangle cloth, a pure linen fabric from Germany

This stocking is made from antique, handwoven European grain sack linen. The hanging loop is made from an antique grain sack tie, and the top is finished with a hand sewn patch.

The antique grain sack linen is 90 - 140 years old and made from flax and hemp, grown by European farmers who wove the material by hand. The stripe patterns were woven in to identify the farmer's grain sacks when they took their grain to the local mill. Women weavers spent their evenings weaving this amazing linen. It took about one night to weave a 24-inch length of linen approximately 20 inches wide.

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