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The vintage Ndop (pronounced “dop”) cloth from which this pillow is made came from the Bamileke people of the grasslands in Cameroon. These textiles are exceedingly rare and were mainly used for ritual clothing and ceremonies. Geometric symbols such circles, lines and diamonds reflect tribal life and beliefs.

The process of creating these cloths was difficult and laborious. After weaving, the cloth was dyed using a traditional “resist” dying method. To prevent the indigo dye to reach all the cloth, women artisans would stitch design patterns onto the cloths with raffia fiber. When the dying process is finished, all the stitching must be unpicked to reveal the stunning tribal design.

When this cloth came to me, I found quite a bit of the raffia in place and I spent a couple of hours to unpick stitches. There may be a little brownish discoloration remaining from the raffia. This just tells of the many hours women spent creating these beautiful textiles.

The pillow measures 20” x 20”.

*** For a perfect fit, we highly recommend choosing the “Cover with Insert” option to order the luxury 100% cotton down-proof ticking pillow insert along with the pillow cover. Our pillow covers are sewn to fit these excellent hypoallergenic feather/down inserts. ***

African Ndop Pillow Cover:

  • Pillow cover measures 20” x 20”.
  • Back of cover is made with vintage mangle cloth, a pure linen fabric from Germany.
  • Hidden zipper closure allows removal of the insert to care for the cover.
  • All fabrics are washed before sewing. For laundering my fabrics, I use Costco soap and Dr. Brunner soap.
  • This Ndop fabric is of the best quality and in great condition with no marks that I could see on this pillow. In general, signs of wear and some discoloration or spots are part of the charm and character of these vintage fabrics. Please see the photos for reference.

Luxury Pillow Insert:

  • Insert size for this pillow cover measures 20” x 20”.
  • We buy our inserts from a luxury pillow manufacturer. The inserts are made with hypoallergenic feathers and down and covered in 235 thread count 100% cotton down-proof ticking.
  • Over the years, we have used many other pillow inserts from various sources. These are the best. We have never had any feather/down leakage issues.
  • Insert size is generally 2” larger than pillow cover size for pillows measuring 20” or more and 1” larger for smaller sizes.
  • We highly recommend buying the insert along with the pillow. Our pillow covers are tailored to these inserts for a perfect fit.

Care of Pillow Cover:

  • Dry clean or hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap.
  • Air dry only, no heat.

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