Face Mask - Aqua II - floral, geometric, dots, umbrella and whale fabrics - filter pocket, nose wire option

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Our goal is to provide top quality masks for you and your family. We have given away many masks to charitable causes and received high marks for their quality, design and craftsmanship.

Our Uniquely Designed Masks Offer:

  • Double reinforced stitching of side seams for extra durability
  • All around topstitching for extra durability
  • Comfortable contoured fit and style
  • Double 100% cotton fabric layers (please see Fabric Quality section below for details)
  • Adjustable elastic (see Elastic Options section below)
  • Easy to breath
  • Two openings to allow for proper filter insertion and adjustment (filter not included)
  • Washable (please see Care section below)
  • Made in a smoke free and pet free environment

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To Order:

  1. Select size (Adult or Child), style (Fitted or Pleated), elastic (around Ears or back of Head).
  2. Select fabric number (see photos with fabric numbers).
  3. Choose nose wire option (Yes or No). Yes adds $2.00 to the price of the mask.
  4. Select quantity.
  5. Please email us for special requirements.

Size and Style Measurements:

  1. Adult Fitted: 9.5" wide 6" high
  2. Adult Pleated: 8" wide x 6.5" high
  3. Child Fitted: 8.5" wide x 5.25" high
  4. Child Pleated: 7.25" wide x 5.75" high

Elastic Options:

  1. Ear loops: two short pieces of elastic wrap around ears.
  2. Head loops: elastic wraps around back of head in two places.
  3. Elastic length may be adjusted (slide knot out of fabric sleeve to adjust).
  4. Elastic color is white. Black may be used in some instances where appropriate.

Nose Wire Option:

  1. Nose wire is 3.5” long aluminum strip.
  2. Insert into pocket in between inner lining and outer fabric.
  3. Remove from pocket to wash mask or to replace nose wire.
  4. Choosing “Yes” option adds $2.00 to the price of the mask.


  1. Our masks do not come with filters.
  2. To help boost protection, non-woven filters may be inserted in the filter pocket of each mask. Examples may include paper towels, folded over tissues, coffee filters, etc.
  3. The white lining on our masks also functions as a filter while providing good breathability.

Fabric Quality:

  1. High-quality cotton quilting prints for outside
  2. Inside lining is 400 thread count, 100% Supima cotton. We purchase cotton bed sheets from Charles P. Rogers company, a highly reputable supplier, in business since 1855. They do not infuse their cotton sheets with chemicals, including formaldehyde, which other suppliers may use in the production of wrinkle free sheets.
  3. We use cotton materials in our masks as recommended by the CDC, MIT and studies as reported in Healthline. The recommended materials are two layers of tightly woven high thread count cotton, such as high-quality quilting cotton and bed sheet cotton, both of which we use in all our masks. This combination generally provides for a good balance of protection and breathability.
  4. We wash all of fabrics before processing. They are washed only with Costco Kirtland HE Premium Laundry detergent. We do not use fabric softener or any other chemicals in the laundry.


  1. Machine washable
  2. Air dry only, no heat, to protect the elastic


  1. We do not make any claims to the medical benefits of face masks purchased from us. These are not medical grade masks.
  2. For sanitary reasons, all mask sales are final. These items are non-returnable and non-refundable unless we have made an error in processing your order.
  3. Shipment dates may change due to demand. We will notify you if your shipment date changes.
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