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Welcome to Ludwiga's Linen

At Ludwiga's Linen, we specialize in antique/vintage hand-woven European linen textiles, grain sacks and mangle cloth. I am tremendously excited to offer you the antique linen fabrics for your own creative and decorative purposes along with products made from these beautiful, durable, eco-friendly textiles. We handpick all of our textiles and buy only the very best quality linen available. To learn more about our antique linen and how these wonderful fabrics were made, please see our history page.

The antique linen products I create and offer consist of the following collections:

  • Lavender sachets with letter monograms and a variety of attractive designs
  • Home décor items including antique linen pillows, German grain sack pillows, table runners, framed embroidery, yardage and mangle cloth
  • Handbags and totes including an attractive selection of antique linen handbag styles along with French market baskets
  • Holiday products including Christmas stockings and sachets along with other seasonal items
  • Apparel and accessories including pouches, tissue holders, journals, ponchos and scarves
  • Jewelry products including pewter necklaces, bracelets and rings
  • Spa products including eye pillows, heat wraps, wellness towels, French soaps and gift sets


We are currently in the process of adding our products for sale to the website under the heading of Shop by Collection. You may see information and photos that describe our product collections under the heading About Our Collections. You may also visit our Etsy Shop where you may find products for sale, or you may call us at 1-800-385-2560.